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April 23, 2014

Create Your Own Success Story.

Get Started on Your Spring Fitness Goals Today!

Energize your workout every day with our huge selection of studio-quality group fitness classes. Whether you prefer Yoga, cycling, Zumba or Pilates, you can keep it fresh at Spectrum. Begin your transformation with our Les Mills BODYPUMP™ or CXWORX™ classes. Get stronger with our top of the line cardio and strength equipment. Feel better, look better and challenge yourself. Or create your own success story with one of our certified Personal Trainers. Let us inspire you today!

Read more about Spectrum members’ success stories at http://www.spectrumclubs.com/success/

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Every Spectrum club features a great selection of group fitness classes. Select a location to see what's happening at your club!

THE BOARD daily workout.

It's easy to fall into a pattern of doing the same thing every workout, which makes it less fun and lets your body adjust to the routine, preventing you from achieving your goal. To support members who are looking for a variety, we created THE BOARD - a daily workout that changes every day and provides you with a challenging, safe routine that can be adapted to any fitness level.


if you have questions about today's workout or want to know how you can modify the exercises to make them more or less challenging, please see a Spectrum Personal Trainer.

Spectrum members are always encouraged to consult with a qualified medical professional before starting a new workout routine.


Every Spectrum Club features a great selection of amenities. Select a club to see club brochure.