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Family Friendly Options at Your Local Spectrum Club

At Spectrum, we strive to meet the health and fitness needs of our members and their families. We offer a luxury health club in a resort-like atmosphere with amenities to complement any lifestyle, along with child friendly swimming pools and a Kids Club with innovative kid’s programs. Unique to our South Bay swim program is Infant Swimming Resource Survival Lessons (ISR) that will help keep your family safe, and teach your kids to love the water.

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Infant Swim Self Rescue Survival Swimming Lessons

The infant swimming classes at our athletic center are different than traditional swimming lessons. During the course, your child – aged 6 months to 6 years old – will learn survival techniques that would be crucial if they ever end up in the water alone. Children learn these techniques in a safe, one – on – one class with a specially trained, certified instructor through the ISR organization. Our instructors will teach them the proper ways to survive in emergencies, and help them to become comfortable in the water.

Infants learn to float, rest, and breathe until help arrives to remove them from the water. Children from 1-6 learn to swim, float, and then swim again as they wait for help to arrive or until they are able to swim to a safe place.

The Infant Swimming Resource Survival Lessons, held in our child friendly swimming pools, teach essential, basic skills for any child that spends time in or around the water. Parents can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their children have the skills necessary to survive in the event of an emergency.

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