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Certified Personal Trainers

Discover What Works for You at Spectrum

When you make a commitment to getting in shape, it can be tough to discover what you really love and what is right for your body and your lifestyle. Here at Spectrum in South Bay, we make it easy to find something that you love to do with a huge variety of exercise options for every customer.

We also provide access to a certified personal trainer that can help you set fitness goals that are realistic for you personally. Our South Bay personal trainer will work with you to determine what you are hoping to accomplish, and help you design your workouts to meet your goals quickly. We want you to see results fast, and we want you to love working out.

Meet With a South Bay Personal Trainer

We recognize that every member has different needs when it comes to fitness. This is why we offer a FREE initial consultation with a certified personal trainer. During your meeting, you will:

  • Discuss your ultimate fitness goals
  • Create a program that gives you results
  • Take part in a one-on-one workout
  • Bring your personal trainer to a group fitness class
  • Learn how to use all fitness equipment at Spectrum

A South Bay personal trainer from Spectrum will help you cut out the fluff and focus on the things that are going to make a noticeable difference in the way you feel and the way you look. When you want results-oriented, motivating workouts, come to Spectrum in the El Segundo and Manhattan Beach neighborhood first.

Options for Everyone

With our group fitness classes, cardio equipment with flat screens, dedicated cycling studio, and many other amenities, there is something for everyone at Spectrum. Meet with a personal trainer today to determine which workouts will make the most difference in your life, and ensure that you are doing them correctly.

Visit Us Today

Stop by any Spectrum in the greater Los Angeles area to pick up your 3-day VIP Guest Pass, and see for yourself how Spectrum can make a difference in your life.


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