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At Spectrum Athletic Clubs, we offer top group exercise classes, which range from yoga to strength building.  We also offer intensive group boot camps and TRX training programs to help you get in top shape in a matter of weeks. We offer individualized approaches to fitness for all of our members.

Fitness should not be an obligation, and there is no single way to stay active and fit. We will help you reach your individual fitness goals, and we will help you have fun while getting results. Our members only deserve the best, and we will only provide the best equipment and trainers.

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Overcoming the Challenge of Getting In the Front Door

We offer a variety of group exercise classes and group workouts that keep fitness engaging. Our expert trainers know how to help people with different fitness levels achieve meaningful goals, and our expert trainers can help you achieve your full potential.

In order to drop a dress size or prepare for a marathon, every person needs to get through the front door. We offer a variety of group classes, and we encourage everyone to try new classes to find the ones that work best. Attending group fitness classes can help you overcome the challenge of getting necessary exercise several times every week.

A few of the top reasons group exercise works well for our members includes the following:

  • You can socialize with our friendly trainers and other club members
  • Specific class times hold you accountable for showing up
  • Directed fitness classes help you get a full workout without watching the clock
  • Fun and engaging exercise classes are one of the best ways to reach your goals
  • Enjoy attending our group fitness classes

Small Group Training Options

You can see the results you deserve before summer vacation. We offer the following small group training classes:

  • TRX Team – TRX Team is a specialized six-week training program that is designed to get results. Your TRX coach will progressively help you build strength, flexibility, and cardio over a series of 12 total body workouts. This small group training class will help you achieve the results you deserve with high-energy and high-intensity workouts.
  • Boot Camp – Attending boot camp with a small group offers a highly-focused approach to training hard by combining muscle conditioning with cardio drills. This challenging class will get results that you can see within a number of weeks.

Adding Variety to Your Workout

We offer classes that can help add variety to your workout and help you achieve greater levels of symmetry. For example, our Pilates class allows members to try a different approach to fitness in general.  Adding new and engaging group classes to your workout can help you stay motivated and inspired. Trying a kickboxing or a dance class might help you get through a fitness slump.

Most important, our group fitness classes are designed to have you associate working out with having fun. You will get the results you deserve without having to repeatedly engage in fitness activities that you hate.

Contact Us and See the Results

Spectrum Athletic Clubs specializes in finding individual approaches to fitness goals. Fill out our online membership form, and learn how to can get the results you deserve while having fun at a world-class fitness facility.


With clubs in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Spectrum is conveniently located where members live, work and play.
We invite you to experience all we have to offer and discover a fitness experience that is truly a step up.

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