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Indoor cycling is an ideal workout for people that have different fitness levels. At Spectrum Athletic Clubs, we frequently recommend indoor cycling as a great choice for low-impact cardio to members that are just getting started on their fitness journeys as well as members that are ready to get in better shape than they ever could have ever imagined.

We believe that you deserve more than access to gym equipment. You deserve everything you need to reach your personal fitness goals.

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What 20 Minutes of Cycling Can Accomplish

Indoor cycling is an ideal way to exercise. Cycling classes can offer extra incentive for people that prefer to workout in a group setting, and our expert trainers can push you to accomplish more than you thought you could.

Only 20 minutes of intense cardio three or four times every week can have a substantial impact on your body image and your overall health.  Attending a few cycling classes a week is ideal for people that want to accomplish the following:

  • Get an intense cardio workout and build strength without putting extra strain on joints
  • Improve metabolism in as little as a month after attending three or more classes per week
  • Lose weight and feel great without investing hours every week
  • Prepare for triathlons and bicycling adventure vacations
  • Push themselves to accomplish more with the help of an expert trainer
  • Have fun during cardio exercise
  • Try something new, and meet new people

Getting Started and Getting Results

Indoor cycling is an excellent addition to almost any workout routine. Cycling can help provide a well-balanced workout for people that want to build muscle mass, and cycling can help provide a vigorous warm up for people that want to drop a few pants sizes.

One of the best aspects of indoor cycling is that it is appropriate for people at any fitness level, from beginners to professional trainers and athletes. Spin classes are one of the best ways to get the most out of your workout, no matter what results you want to achieve and what fitness goals you want to reach.

Get Started with Everything You Need to Succeed

We understand that there is no single best approach for everyone that has a fitness goal. At Spectrum Athletic Clubs, we provide everything you need to succeed. It is not all about losing weight. We are here to help you identify and achieve what you want to accomplish.

Everyone deserves to live a healthy and active life. Even more, everyone deserves to have the support and guidance they need to achieve personal fitness goals. Our cycling studio has helped many of our clients reach many different fitness goals. Prepare to climb above 14,000 feet or fit into the latest skinny jeans by contacting Spectrum Athletic Clubs today.

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