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Group Fitness Classes

Fitness in a Group Setting

At Spectrum Athletic Clubs, we recognize that everyone takes a different approach to fitness. Some people prefer to hit the treadmill with headphones on while others enjoy getting fit with their friends. Our group fitness classes are a great way for members to lose weight, get toned and enjoy a workout alongside new and old acquaintances. We offer a variety of classes taught by highly trained instructors who will help you meet your health goals in a group setting.

Professional Workouts

All of our classes are taught by certified instructors who are required to complete a training course prior to teaching. This means our team can lend expertise and a structured workout in training methods with which many may not be familiar, such as Tai Chi, kickboxing, yoga and Pilates. When you rely on an instructor to develop the workout, you can ensure that:

  • The exercise is safe: Many people do not know how to lift weights or use other equipment safely.
  • The exercise is effective: Our classes are geared toward burning fat and calories and providing members with a quality workout.

Build Your Strength

Interested in building or toning muscles? We offer a number of strength classes that target every muscle group in your body for a comprehensive workout. These exercises will:

  • Build your muscle strength
  • Enhance your muscles’ endurance
  • Develop muscle definition
  • Increase your lean muscle mass

For Those Who Love Cardio

Our cardio classes play several roles: they increase your heart rate, they challenge your muscles and many utilize strength training as well. You can improve your cardiovascular fitness by taking just a few classes every week. What’s more, you may notice some of the same people in your class on a regular basis, which helps keep you accountable and motivates you to work harder.

Options for Everyone

In addition to strength and cardio, our team at Spectrum is proud to offer a number of other classes in categories such as:

  • Cycling: We use state-of-the-art equipment and provide high-intensity workouts
  • Mind-Body: Breathing, stretching and relaxation are the focus of these classes
  • Dance: Lose weight and feel great while moving to the music
  • Fusion: We can change up your routine through blending two or more types of training

Why Exercise in a Group?

There are a number of reasons why people enjoy exercising with others. From a social perspective, many of our members like to engage with fellow class participants during the workout. Studies have shown that people are more likely to participate in exercise if it is fun, and group classes provide the perfect setting for that enjoyment.

Our group exercises provide variety, which prevents growing bored with a typical workout routine. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, one of the biggest benefits to a structured group workout is that individuals warm up and cool down, two important yet often-skipped activities in other settings.

Start Moving Today

Group fitness is just one of the many benefits our members enjoy at Spectrum Athletic Clubs. We also offer personal training and even programs for kids. To truly understand what sets us apart from other gyms, take advantage of our free, three-day VIP pass. Simply stop by one of our locations or fill out our online contact form to get started today.


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