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Pedal Your Way to Better Health

Hopping on a bike is a great way to get some exercise. Many people do not have the luxury to spend hours on the open road, however. At Spectrum Athletic Clubs, we understand that grabbing a fast, effective workout is a priority for many of our members. Thanks to our dedicated cycling studio, you can burn calories and build stamina without ever leaving the room.

Burn Fat and Lose Weight

Perhaps the two biggest benefits most cyclists enjoy is that working hard on a bike for just 30 minutes leads to losing weight and body fat. Researchers have found that your body’s metabolic rate is actually raised while you ride and remains elevated for several hours afterward. That means that you are burning calories and fat more efficiently even after your workout is over.

That same study also demonstrated that if you ride at fast intervals – a technique often incorporated in our classes – you stand to burn much more fat than cycling at a slower pace. In fact, a cyclist pedaling in intervals can tear through more than three times the amount of body fat than a cyclist who pumps at a slower pace.

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For Beginning and Advanced Cyclists

Cycling is a great exercise for people of all fitness levels, because:

  • Unlike running, it is easy on your joints and muscles
  • You can adjust the pace at which you pedal
  • The resistance on our high-quality bikes is adjustable

Never set foot in a cycling studio before? Not a problem! Our highly trained instructors can help anyone get a safe, effective workout. The classes are geared for a group dynamic, but every individual can go at his or her own pace. If you have any health issues or questions, simply tell the instructor ahead of time so he or she can address them.

Ward Off Illness

A study from the University of North Carolina illustrated that people who spend 30 minutes a day on a bike for five days a week take half the number of sick days that their couch-potato friends take. Cycling helps keep your cells in good working order by keeping your blood flowing efficiently through your body, getting replenished with oxygen, vitamins and minerals.

A Finnish study even went as far to say as cycling helps to reduce the risk of cancer. Men who exercised at a moderate level for 30 minutes a day in activities such as biking were half as likely to be diagnosed with cancer. Women who frequently hit the bike were found to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by as much as 34 percent.

Getting Fit Together

Exercising in a group has a number of benefits, such as:

  • Providing accountability to show up for the workout
  • Motivating an individual to work harder
  • Making new friends and enjoying a socialized atmosphere

Our cycling studio is the perfect environment for getting fit and enjoying your workout.

Start Riding Today

Interested in learning more about what Spectrum has to offer? In addition to our cycling studio, we also have other group exercise classes such as strength programs and yoga. One of our representatives would be happy to tell you more about the many benefits of a membership with us. To get started, simply stop by one of our locations or fill out our online contact form.


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