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Group Fitness Classes

Bring Your Friends and Get Your Program Started

If you are the type of person that struggles to get motivated for a solo workout, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Here at Spectrum Athletic Clubs, we offer a long list of Rolling Hills group fitness classes that are both dynamic and exciting. Boost your energy level and your love of exercise at any fitness level.

Whether you are just a beginner or are an exercise veteran, we’ve got the perfect classes for you. Enjoy the dynamic energy of a group fitness class that is designed to keep you in shape and get you excited about fitness.

Los Angeles Group Fitness Classes

We’ve got a group fitness class to satisfy every personality type and fitness level. From high intensity dance workouts to the benefits of strength training, you’ll enjoy the many classes we offer at Spectrum Athletic Clubs.

  • Dance – Change your fitness experience forever with a wide range of dance fitness classes. From moderate rhythmic dance moves to high-energy cardio workouts, choose a class that allows you to burn calories, keep moving, and best of all – TO HAVE FUN!
  • Cardio – Our cardio classes increase the heart rate while challenging large muscles groups, allowing you to optimize your cardiovascular fitness. Combine high impact cardio with a dance class or strength training to energize your workout.
  • Cycle – Enjoy all the benefits of a cycling workout from the safety and well-maintained environment of our indoor cycling studio. Utilize our top-quality stationary bikes to enjoy a high intensity, low impact workout that works for every fitness level.
  • Fusion – A blend of two or more types of training. Examples are strength with dance, Pilates with cardio, and Yoga with cycling. Mix up your routine and enjoy a diverse workout experience in one Fusion class.
  • Strength – Train your entire body with resistance-training techniques that build muscular endurance and strength, define muscles, and increase muscle mass.
  • Mind Body – Use elements of breathing, relaxation, and stretching to increase strength, balance, and flexibility. Learn ways to manage stress, improve your range of motion, and increase your core strength in one of our Mind Body classes.

Here at Spectrum Athletic Clubs, we believe that every customer is different and has different fitness preferences and desires. Our group classes are designed to allow you to work out in the most comfortable environment possible, even as you enjoy the classes you love. With a long list of scheduled classes, we are confident we can help you find one that is perfect for you.

The Right Classes for You

We’ll help you find the perfect fitness classes for your fitness goals with a free consultation with a personal trainer. We’ll pair you with a trainer at your preferred location to ensure that you are optimizing your workout to get the results you want more quickly.

Try Us Out

We want you to feel comfortable and confident before you join us here at Spectrum Athletic Clubs. Visit us today to try a few of our group fitness classes, and pick the ones you love the most. Our friendly staff is here to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident in achieving your fitness goals with us.


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