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Get Lost in Your Workout and Tone Your Muscles

At Spectrum Athletic Clubs, we provide customers with a long list of fitness classes, a wide variety of workout equipment, and the long hours necessary to ensure that every customer has a chance to exercise every day. For those that want to get lost in the beat of the music and enjoy all the health benefits of cycling, we offer a dedicated cycling studio and top-quality stationary bikes. Cyclers in our Los Angeles cycling studio quickly burn calories and increase muscle strength as time flies by.

A Whole Body Workout

Stationary cycling allows you to enjoy all the health benefits of cycling without any of the dangers of the open road or the exposure to the elements. You can ride with us rain or shine and take advantage of the many benefits that come from an intense cycling workout.

  • Improved cardiovascular fitness
  • Decreased risks of heart disease
  • Toned, stronger muscles
  • Increased flexibility in the joints
  • Weight loss
  • Better coordination
  • Improved mental health
  • Stronger immune system

With a regular cycling workout at our Rolling Hills cycling studio, you’ll enjoy better health, increased self-confidence, and have more energy to get through your days.

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Personal Training That Fits Your Needs

With help from one of our nationally-certified personal trainers, you can feel confident that you have the right elements in place to get the body you want. We’ll take into account your location, your gender, and the times you prefer to train to match you up with the right personal trainer. Start your workout plan with a free personal fitness consultation, and ensure that you are exercising the right way to get the results you want from your workout.

Find a Club

With eleven locations in California, we are confident that we have a club located conveniently for all of our loyal customers. Visit a club in one of the following areas to see all that Spectrum Athletic Clubs has to offer.

  • Santa Barbara
  • Los Angeles
  • Pacific Palisades
  • Redondo Beach
  • Rolling Hills
  • Santa Monica
  • South Bay
  • Thousand Oaks
  • West Hills

Enjoy club events specific to every location that are guaranteed to keep you motivated and energized about your fitness goals. We specialize in taking your resolutions and making them a reality. With access to state of the art equipment, friendly service, and a comfortable atmosphere, we are confident that you will enjoy every workout.

Whether your goals are to lose weight, increase muscle tone, or simply improve your health, we can help you to meet them. Our Kids Club, Corporate Wellness, and Group Fitness programs make it easy for those in every phase of life to get in shape and feel better about the way they look.

Join Us Today

Visit Spectrum Athletic Clubs today to view our well-maintained facilities and see for yourself what a difference a regular workout can make in your life. Visit with a personal trainer to determine the best fitness plan for what you hope to achieve, and we feel confident you will leave excited about implementing a new fitness plan with the help of Spectrum Athletic Clubs.


With clubs in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Spectrum is conveniently located where members live, work and play.
We invite you to experience all we have to offer and discover a fitness experience that is truly a step up.

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