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Ultimate Cross Training

Ultimate Cross Training (UCT) is an intense group workout in the outdoor training Arena that focuses on strength, power, agility, speed and endurance. The combination of the program design, coaching and group setting helps participants reach a new level of fitness, definition and athleticism using unique variations of exercises and equipment.

Benefits of Ultimate Cross Training:


  • Periodization, progression and reasoning – each workout builds on the next with well designed, unique programming
  • UCT leads to dynamic results and creates a safe, motivating and fun atmosphere


  • UCT motivates our members to make the strides necessary to improve their performance and increase their overall well being
  • We prepare the body for the everyday wear and tear as well as pushing our members to reach their potential and strive to achieve their goals

 Injury Prevention

  • UCT is designed to strengthen the muscles and joints necessary to move more fluid and prevent injuries through stability and strength
  • This program is strict with safety and does not put the members in a position or movement that can risk their health – we don’t overload the body with heavy weight in a state of fatigue or advance a movement that could put someone’s safety at risk


  • UCT helps our members develop good habits and consistency – we teach them the fundamental movements necessary to succeed in their overall concepts of fitness and wellness
  • A UCT trainer will educate his/her members with reasoning and purpose for each workout – we will help coach through injuries, soreness, limitations as well as proper advancement and progression through our program

This small group program is limited to a maximum of 12 participants per session; advance registration is required. If you would like to experience this incredible workout before you commit, we are offering a complimentary session subject to availability.



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