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“I joined Spectrum three years ago, but I didn’t really get serious about improving my health until I started with a personal trainer two years ago. I weighed 355 pounds. My trainer really helped guide me down the right path. I’ve lost 160 pounds and have gone from a 50 inch waist down to a 32. I’m enjoying life a lot more these days. Without my trainer and Spectrum, I never would have done it!”

Adam – member since 2008,
Spectrum South Bay

“I work out with my Spectrum trainer twice a week. I had back surgery three years ago, and the guidance I get from my trainer has really helped my rehabilitation. Physical fitness and weight training have always been a big part of my life. Thanks to my trainer at Spectrum, it still is.”

Sandra – member since 2005,
Spectrum Palisades

“I work out with my Spectrum trainer because I run a lot and have hip problems. Personal training has really helped with my alignment, core muscle strength and strength training.”

Kristin – member since 2001,
Spectrum Santa Barbara

“When I started working out with my Spectrum personal trainer a year ago, I’d break a sweat just climbing a few flights of stairs. Today, I’m 48 pounds lighter. I just finished my first triathlon and I’m living a much healthier, happier life.”

Ron – member since 2007,
Spectrum Goleta

“I came to Spectrum around the time my husband was deployed to Afghanistan. I was feeling stressed and depressed. My trainer listened – and then got me up and moving. She’s been awesome. She’s taught me how to manage stress through exercise rather than overeating.”

Jill – member since 2009,
Spectrum Valencia

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