Personal Training


Spectrum Fitness Shoot 10-14-09Many Spectrum clubs offer small group training classes, where you can enjoy the focus and personal attention of a small group at a cost less than private training or individual lessons. Our fee-based small group training classes currently include:


TRX Team is a results-driven, specialized group training program that will help get your body “game day” ready. Over the course of a six-week, 12-session class, your TRX coach leads you through a series of progressive total-body workouts that combine dynamic strength and flexibility exercises, core work and team cardio skills. This high-energy small group training builds strength, endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility, power and core stability.


Small group training classes are offered at select Spectrum locations. Pilates is an effective exercise system using the Pilates Reformer. It improves core strength, flexibility, posture and overall body strength. Pilates instruction from level 1 through 5 is offered. After an initial evaluation, your instructor will customize a program just for you.


Boot Camp offers a focused training program that will keep you motivated and challenged. It combines heart-pumping cardio drills with full body muscle conditioning. You’ll get fit, play hard, have fun-and see results!