Personal Training


about-usGet Inspired. Get Focused. Get Results.

Would you like to get more out of your workout – and have more fun? Are you achieving your fitness goals as rapidly as you’d like? Do you want to learn to work out more efficiently?

Spectrum’s nationally-certified Personal Trainers will work with you one-on-one to identify your health and fitness goals and create a customized, personal training program to help you achieve them. No matter what your age or current level of fitness, your friendly Spectrum Personal Trainer will design a program that can help you:

  • lose weight
  • reduce body fat and increase muscle
  • reduce stress
  • enjoy increased health benefits (reduced lower back and joint pain, etc.)
  • improve your posture and flexibility
  • increase your strength and endurance
  • establish and achieve a specific fitness goal
  • enjoy a healthier quality of life.

When you work out with our Personal Trainers, you’ll learn proper form and technique, you’ll stay focused and motivated, and you’ll achieve the maximum results in the shortest time.

It’s all About You.

What do you want to achieve? For some, working with a Spectrum personal trainer is a next step toward preparing for a triathlon or other elite competition. For others, the goal is to become a little stronger, lift a little more, or move a little faster. Whether your goal is to run a marathon or simply maintaining your current level of fitness, we can help. Your friendly Spectrum personal trainer can:

  • help you establish realistic but ambitious goals, working with you to design a training program that addresses your personal health and fitness goals, comfort level and health history.
  • share his or her knowledge and experience, creating an effective, efficient customized training program specifically tailored to your goals and needs.
  • teach you proper form and technique, helping you avoid injury.
  • support you in achieving maximum results in shortest time.
  • motivate and educate you by creating a fun yet focused workout.
  • provide valuable structure, support and accountability.
  • offer practical tips and strategies for eating a healthier diet and integrating healthier habits into your daily routine.
  • help you have more fun at the gym-and leave looking and feeling your best!

You Deserved the Best. At Spectrum, you Get It.

Spectrum’s friendly, experienced Personal Trainers are a cut above typical health club trainers. Our strict hiring and training practices ensure a top-quality yet affordable workout experience-every time. All Spectrum Personal Trainers undergo a comprehensive certification process, and many hold related fitness and/or nutrition degrees.

Get Your Complementary Personal Fitness Consultation.

At Spectrum, every new member receives a complimentary Personal Fitness Consultation with a personal trainer. It’s a great, no-pressure opportunity discuss your goals with a fitness professional and design a program that will deliver the results you want. How you use your consultation time is totally up to you. You can:

  • take part in a one-on-one workout.
  • learn how to use the fitness equipment in the club.
  • take a group class with a trainer.

Getting Started.

Spectrum offers a variety of personal training options, including:

One on One 
Get personalized, focused attention from your Personal Trainer during a 55-minute session focused specifically on your needs and goals.

Half Hour Sessions 
If an hour session doesn’t work for your schedule or budget, try our 25-Minute Express workouts. These shorter one-on-one sessions are designed for people who are on the go yet committed to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Make it Happen!

Contact us to learn more about Spectrum Personal Training.