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Back to School Sack Lunch Tips

Here are some easy tips to make school lunches your kids will love!

It’s back to school time once again. Giving your kids a lunch they will eat and one that is good for them can often be a hard-fought battle. Here are some easy tips to make that morning struggle a little smoother.


  • Whole wheat bread (2-3 grams of fiber per slice)
  • Fortified white bread/other whole grain bread  (2-3 grams of fiber per slice)
  • The new sandwich thins, bagel thins and English muffins can add a great change to a boring sandwich
  • Look for FIBER—Kids need their age + 5 (For example, a six year old will need (6 + 5) = 11 grams of fiber per day)

Fill it with protein

  • Kids love repetition…it’s okay to serve sandwiches every day!
  •  Natural peanut butter or those with no added high fructose corn syrup
  • Turkey, chicken, low sodium ham, 2% cheese–spend the extra money for quality lunch meat contains protein with less sodium, water, fillers, and preservatives
  • Chicken or tuna salad made with olive-oil blended mayo, chopped veggies or fruit and nuts

Super side dishes

  • Natural or baked potato chips or pretzels—look for zero trans fats and more natural ingredients
  • Pre-packaged veggies or sliced fruits with dip, tossed salads with light dressing
  • Pasta salad with high fiber pasta, light Italian dressing, favorite veggies
  • Each Sunday make your own fruit cups in disposable bowl
  • Homemade trail mix (pretzels, popcorn, dry cereal, nuts, raisins)  —pre-bag portions so they are ready to go for busy mornings.
  • Lower sugar yogurt—ingredients should include low fat milk, pureed fruit, steer clear of added sugars


  • Make your own homemade mini-muffins or reduced sugar baked goods
  • Check out the new 100 calorie packaged goodies.  Limit to one per lunch.
  • Alternate with your child’s favorites…one day cookies, the next a fruit cup.  Compromise…it works!


  • Small bottled waters
  • 100% Juice boxes
  • Let them purchase skin or low-fat milk at school
  • Skip the fruit punch drinks, sodas, and sugar added flavored-milk


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