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Have Fun While You Get in Shape

If you have the desire to get in shape, but have a hard time motivating yourself to do it on your own, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Experience one of our Culver City group fitness classes, and see how fun working out can be. No longer is fitness just about running on a treadmill or lifting weights. With all the new classes available at our fitness club, getting fit can be an exhilarating experience you share with your friends.

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A New Fitness Experience

We offer a wide variety of group fitness classes, and know we have one that’s perfect for your lifestyle. At our Los Angeles athletic club, we’ve organized our classes in the following categories so they are easy to find on our schedule.

  • Strength Classes – Designed to increase muscular endurance and strength, muscle definition, and lean muscle mass.
  • Mind Body Classes – Combine the elements of relaxation, breathing, and stretching to develop strength, core strength, flexibility, and balance and learn ways to manage stress.
  • Dance Classes – Dance your way to a healthier lifestyle with classes formatted with high-energy workouts and body sculpting exercises.
  • Cycle Classes – Take your body and mind on an exhilarating indoor cycling journey no matter what the outdoor weather is like and enjoy a low impact, high intensity workout.
  • Cardio Classes – Get your heart rate moving to increase your cardiovascular health and challenge your large muscle groups.
  • Fusion Classes – Enjoy a blend of two or more training methods – Pilates with cardio, dance with strength, or Yoga with cycling–in a Fusion class.

Find Out What Really Moves You

We’ll help you discover what really moves you and create a fitness plan that works. From kickboxing to Yoga to Tai Chi, we guarantee we have what you need to get into better shape, and committed to fitness.


With clubs in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Spectrum is conveniently located where members live, work and play.
We invite you to experience all we have to offer and discover a fitness experience that is truly a step up.

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