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Dance to the music and change your workout experience forever. Class formats range from high-energy cardio work combined with body sculpting exercises to more moderate rhythmic dance movements. Our Dance classes burn calories and keep you moving while having FUN!


Cardio classes challenge large muscle groups, increasing the heart rate to gain optimal cardiovascular fitness. Many combine high impact cardio with strength training or dance movements to raise your heart rate ad energize your fitness experience.


Our Mind Body Classes incorporate elements of stretching, breathing and relaxation to increase flexibility, balance and strength. Increase core strength, improve range of motion and learn to manage stress.


Fusion Classes blend two or more types of training methods – yoga with cycling. Pilates and cardio, strength with dance. Change your routine & experience different ways to workout – in one class – with Fusion.


Our Strength classes train the entire body by using a variety of resistance-training techniques to build muscular strength and endurance, develop muscle definition, and increase lean muscle mass.


Cycle classes are exhilarating indoor journeys based on the principles of outdoor cycling. Our classes use state-of-the-art stationary bikes to simulate techniques professional riders use. Indoor cycling classes provide a low impact, high intensity workout and can be modified to meet any fitness level.