Spectrum Clubs


Group Fitness Classes




Body sculpting exercises and high-energy cardio work come together as you dance to the beat and get in shape. Burn calories with your favorite dance moves as the music flows through you.


Increase cardiovascular fitness while challenging your large muscle groups. Our cardio classes are often combined with dance movements or strength training to add more to the fitness experience.


Relaxation, breathing, and stretching are used to increase strength, flexibility, and balance. Our mind body classes can help you improve your range of motion, increase the core strength, and help you learn how to manage stress.


Combine several different training methods for a new routine. Try dance with strength, cycling with Yoga, or cardio and Pilates.


Develop muscle definition, building muscular endurance and strength, and increase lean muscle mass during our strength classes. We combine several different resistance-training techniques to help strengthen your body and get you in shape.


High intensity, low impact workouts that mimic the principles of an outdoor bike ride. Cycling classes work for individuals at any fitness level, and provide an exhilarating workout experience.