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Group Fitness Classes

Diversify Your Workout Through Group Fitness Classes

If you are interested in taking your fitness to the next level, try challenging yourself with one of our group fitness classes at Spectrum Athletic Clubs. With a wide-variety of classes to choose from, we can accommodate any fitness level. From dancing and kickboxing to intense strength training, we offer a class that will meet your physical needs.

Cardio Classes

Cardiovascular exercises are an important component to any comprehensive workout program. Not only do they increase heart rate and blood flow, but they build endurance and burn fat as well. Here are just a few of our group fitness classes that focus on improving and maintaining cardiovascular health.

  • Cycling Classes: Get up on your stationary bike and get ready to ride. Our spinning instructor will take you on a high-endurance cycling journey through flat roads, hills and intense intervals. You control your speed and resistance, and we’ll supply the energy, enthusiasm and music.
  • Power Walk: Our power walk class will take you out of the studio and onto the streets of the city. You’ll powerwalk around town with our amazing instructor. Bring along a friend and enjoy the sights of the town while getting a great workout.
  • Step Classes: Whether you are a beginner to the step bench or you have a thorough knowledge of the step moves and techniques, our step classes focus on giving you an amazing cardiovascular workout.
  • Forever Fit: If you are looking for a low-intensity workout, Forever Fit may be the perfect class for you. We cater to seniors or those just beginning their fitness journey.
  • Cardio Kickboxing: Join our cardiovascular boot camp and challenge your body to achieve extreme results.

Strength Training Classes

Whether you are a dedicated body-builder or a busy mother, building muscle strength will improve the overall functioning of your body. At Spectrum Athletic Clubs, we cater to all levels of muscle maturity. Wherever you may be in your fitness journey, we have a class to supplement your fitness needs.

  • BodyPump: Those looking to increase muscle mass and build major muscle groups should join our Body Pump class. Choose your weights and get started pressing, squatting and lifting with our professional weight-lifting instructor.
  • CXWORX: Tighten your core muscles, including the torso and glutes, while building strength.

Mind/Body Connection Classes

When creating a well-balanced fitness program, it is crucial to remember the importance of the mind/body connection, which plays a significant role in the health and fitness of each individual.

  • Athletic Stretch: Stretching is essential for every workout, and allows one to relax and unwind. It also decreases the risk of injury by elongating muscles and enhancing flexibility.
  • Yoga: Yoga utilizes breathing exercises, meditation and physical Hatha poses to strengthen the mind, body and spirit connection. This ancient art form improves the circulatory, digestive, respiratory and hormonal systems of the body.
  • Pilates: We use the principals of Pilates, including control, centering, breathing, concentration, precision and flow of movement to build muscle strength, improve flexibility and increase endurance.

Come Join a Group Fitness Program

If you are getting tired of your daily exercise routine, come and join one of our fun and exciting group fitness classes. Call Spectrum Athletic Clubs today to find out more about our classes. Our friendly fitness professionals will be happy to help you find a class that will meet your fitness needs.






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