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Group Exercise Studio

Welcome to Our Group Exercise Studio

Spectrum Athletic Clubs are proud to offer an innovative group exercise studio to our esteemed clients. This large space is dedicated to our multitude of group fitness classes aimed at providing a functional and educational place to get in shape.  You’ll love meeting your group fitness class at the studio to sweat, burn calories and have fun.

5 Benefits of Group Exercise

  1. Socialize: Enrolling in a group exercise class is a great way to make new friends that share similar interests. You can also take a class with a good friend and spend time working out together. Rather than meeting each week for lunch, meet your friend at Spectrum for one of our amazing classes.
  2. Receive Proper Instruction: Understanding the correct methods and techniques of working out will help to prevent injury while maximizing your results.  Your instructor will be happy to show you the correct way to exercise, use equipment, lift weights, stretch and cool down so that you can get the most from your exercise routine.
  3. Get Motivated: For some, being a part of a scheduled class provides motivation to attend the Club, especially if they are meeting a friend there.
  4. Track Your Progress: A structured class will help you to track your progress. You’ll be challenged and pushed to achieve a higher fitness level.
  5. Have Fun: Working out with a group of people is fun, especially with all of the fun group classes Spectrum has for you to choose from. With high-paced music and an energetic instructor, you will have an amazing time dancing, lifting, stepping and spinning yourself to better health.

Push yourself further and diversify your workout routine by attending one of our group exercise classes. We’ll meet you at the group exercise studio!

Comprehensive Work-Out

At Spectrum Athletic Clubs, our group classes are designed to provide a comprehensive workout plan for each of our valued clients. That is why our classes focus on the following aspects of overall well-being:

  • Cardio: Although cardio classes focus mainly on large muscle groups, they may be combined with dance or strength training to maximize your fitness experience.
  • Dance: Our dance classes hardly seem like working out.  You’ll improve your dance moves while burning calories in the process.
  • Cycle: Bring your bicycle indoors with our intense spinning classes. You can customize the spinning resistance and speed to your level.  Our fitness experts will show you how.
  • Fusion: Fusion classes are a unique blend of several types of fitness methods, such as Pilates and cardio or yoga and cycling.
  • Mind & Body: Learn how to manage stress with essential breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques. Our mind and body classes also strive to increase flexibility, while improving balance and strength.
  • Strength: Resistance training helps to develop muscle strength and achieve the optimal amount of muscle mass and definition.

Find Out More Information Today!

Interested in finding out more about our state-of-the-art group exercise studio? Grab a friend and visit Spectrum Athletic Clubs to see it for yourself. We have a variety of classes and programs for you to choose from. It’s easy to get started. Contact Spectrum today or visit our class schedule online.


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